Webshop Guide

Posted on: 2018-11-08

Welcome to the step by step guide on "How to Use the Web Shop"

  • To easily use the Webshop,
    First, you need to Login at the website.

    Login at Fragmaticgames Website
  • On the left side of your “Profile” page, click the Webshop tab.
    Profile Page
  • Choose among the four choices: All, Featured, Sale, and Limited.
    Once you have chosen what to buy, Select duration by clicking the drop down menu and choose the desired duration.
  • Click buy now to finalize the purchase and a pop up screen will appear to show you the details of the purchase, click buy now again to buy the item.
    Confirmation Popup
  • Transaction details will be displayed on the next screen along with the coupon code that you will have to enter IN-GAME to claim the item. It will also show the remaining balance you have left.
    Purchase Success
  • In case you forgot to copy the coupon code,
    you can head to your past transaction by click webshop on the left side of the screen and click transactions.
    You will be able to view all your previous transactions along with the coupon code, amount, duration of the item, and your balance after every purchase you have made.
    Transaction Page
  • That is all you need to know on how to use the Webshop.
    Enjoy and happy gaming!


  • Coupon code are redeemed "INSIDE" the game.

    You can put the coupon code at the "Coupon" Tab inside the Shop in-game.
    Shop - Coupon Tab

  • You can view special promo offers by their "TAGS"

    are discounted items. They are sold at lower price than normal and are at most displayed for a limited time only.
    Sales Tag
    LIMITED TAGS - Items sold at limited quantity only. 
    Limited Tag
    FEATURED TAGS - Items that is sold occationally and at most, coincides with the season.
    Featured Tag