Email Us

Posted on: 2017-07-13

Welcome to the Step by step visual aid on how to send an EMAIL to our Support Team.

Step 1) Log on your YAHOO MAIL or GMAIL account.

Step 2) Compose an email about the report or problem.

Step 3) Enter the following information:

-You can compose an Email by clicking "COMPOSE"(Blue Arrow). After clicking, the "New Message" window will appear.

-In the "To" Field (Red Arrow) you can enter the email address of our support team, type

-Below is the "Subject" Field (Green Arrow) this will be the Title of your email that will inform the Support about the content of your email.

-The big space below is where you will be typing your message. You can put all the details of your Ticket (problem/report/etc) here.

-You may also attach files and images by clicking the "Attach Files" button (Black Arrow).

-Attach pictures of your Valid ID/s when asked by the Support.

-When done, press "Send" and wait for the support to reply on your email.

See Example Below